Unleash The Clown Within

Build Confidence- Relax- Laugh- Create Humour wherever you go and BECOME A CLOWN!!

Do you sometimes feel attached to a lead of work life, family life and sometimes feel trapped?

Shake up life a little and become a clown with the 30 day clown challenge. Unleash your clown and be able to freely move and create humour wherever you go with master clown Chris Morant!!

The Dreaming Space

Join professional artist Chris Morant performing Christo the Clown for a wild ride through more than 30 theatrical distinctions.

After studying with John Bolten Chris Morant is highly trained in theatre techniques that simple amaze and inspire young actors to embody the clown with a new physical activity each day.

Inside each one of us there is a hidden character of humour waiting to emerge!!

This is your opportunity  to find your clown!!

In this course you will also get support let go of any tight parts of your body that you can’t let go of!!

You will discover the healing qualities of clowning and will learn to laugh and create humour with a simple formula that works every time!!

What others have said:

“I have absolutely loved putting on a red nose” (Amy French, aged 12 Student)

“Christo is so talented and has soo many new great physical activities that have changed the way I look at clowning” (Peter Tulluo Student aged 25)

“I look forward to receiving my training video each day for 30 days as it’s my time to myself to become a clown little bit by little bit” (Emma Rodgriuous, aged 16)

“I love this guy, he is soo funny” (Akira, aged 14)

A any time if your not happy about the course then receive a full 100% money back guarantee!! 

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Join the growing community of clowns today!!

The Dreaming Space

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