The Marketing Cirlce

The Marketing Circle is how we market our business. It is the best way that we have found to market a business that we have found so far.

Step 1:

Write out a prospects lists of people, organisations and Anual festivals to promote to.

Step 2:

Make a list of their phone numbers, names, emails.

Step 3:

At the same time work through the list and phone the numbers, then email promotional materials, followed by posting information through.

Step 4:

Call back a week later or on the desired date, and ask if they want us at their festival.

Step 5:

Negotiate the price with promotional packages

Step 6:

Book and confirm that artists can make it.

Step 7:

Write an invoice confirmation to organisation and a purchase order to artists.

Step 8:

Call all people the week before to confirm everyone can make it to the event.

Step 9:

Call artists to find out how the event went, call organisation to debrief and confirm payment of invoice.

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