A Space of Wonder and Magic!! Stage Shows that will open the mind and touch the heart!!

Creating Spectacular Events

We will bring the WOW factor to your event!!

What type of event do you want to create? 

Kids are bored at home?

Join The Dream-Achievers Support Community. We Will Guide And Inspire Your Kids To Achieve Their Dreams!



  • A bright yellow secure circus tent to keep everyone dry and in the shade. 
  • A Circus Show that will amaze all ages. 
  • A family of skilled circus artists perform live on a trailer stage. 
  • A love music dance band that get everyone dancing!! 
  • ​A space where everyone can learn something new from Hulla hoops to Juggling and even self confidence or achieving your dreams. 
  • ​A variety of Mind Altering Magic Shows. 
  • ​A Spectacular evening fire and glow spinning shows.  
  • ​An Active event management support, with a combined 25 years of entertainment experience! 
  • ​A tailor made event with a unique theme. 

We can provide the most beautiful and exquisite roving characters who are trained to mystify your guests with pure imagination!


After over a decade of providing the most exquisite stretch marquees, tables, chairs and Decore we now have the ability to bring your dream wedding to life anywhere! 

Book your complete wedding package now!

  • Marquee: 12m x 10m Stretch Marquee
  • Tables and Chairs: Wooden top quality tresses tables and chairs. 
  • Decor: Fairy lights, fabrics, flowers and beautiful. 
  • Generator: A 240w powerful generator to run lights and power to your wedding. 
  • Bathroom: A portable bathroom.
  • Portable Bar: A wooden bar to serve from.
  • Dance Floor: A 5m x 5m Wooden dance floor. 
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  • Our community will inspire your children to:
  • Learn to work away from the screen. ​
  • ​Enliven their imaginations!
  • ​Immerse themselves in nourishing, creative, growth-inspiring entertainment. 
  • ​Learn how to work and play independently
  • ​Learn skills that they can use for life
  • Bring joy to your kids again! 
  • There is nothing else on earth that will give them this much support 
Get this discounted academy entrance subscription in the next five minutes. 
With a dedication to serve your event at the highest level!!

Money back guarantee
If you don’t receive the value you wanted after 30 days you recover 100 per cent money back guarantee
With a huge range of skilled performance artists to entertain all ages. 

Stage Magic Shows

Become part of our online Dream Support Network!!
Magic Stage Shows Ready to Amaze!
Exceptional Stage Shows using The elements of fire and ice with a slice of danger!!!
30 Day Challenge:
Once you define your dream you can take on the 30 day challenge with that dream and get the support 
you need to work on it for one hour a day for 30 days.
Achieve your Dream in 90 Days:
Once you define your dream and you have worked on it you are ready to build it and get everything you need to achieve it in 90 days. Lead to build finances and master the art and realise it!!
Magic Course:
Learn a new magic trick everyday for 30 days! Put
Circus Course:
Learn the basics to the history of circus, learn to juggle, 
spin a diablo, poi, staff, rolling and much more!
Learn 2 Lead:
30 leadership techniques for building confidence and making an impact on the world around 
us in the lives of those who matter most.
8 exceptional 30 minute training videos for accelerating 
memory when learning new skills.

Don’t Take It From Us

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying


(Student aged 13)

This program really helped me in my transition from primary school to high school!!" "I have loved the clear process set out to achieve each dream one at a time!

Elizabeth Haines


Thank you for being a powerful role model for my early teen! The deep life learning she has received in this program has set her up for life!


(Primary School Teacher)

As a primary school teacher I found the creative support, new ideas, games and activities I was looking for to run with my students" This team also amazed my guests at my 38th Birthday party. WOW!


(Student aged 10)

During a really difficult time when I really hated homeschooling this program gave me something really creative to focus on and made me feel happy again.



This group has actually managed to motivate my kids to help clean the house!!



My kids are a heap more happy after starting this program.

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