Puppets Play Corner

We can supply a unique marquee to create a magical storytelling puppet play space which houses a marionette theatre/ hand puppet podium or light box for shadow puppetry.

Next event: Little Day Out Festival - Ross Reserve, Memorial Drive, Noble Park

27th September 2015


In this space kids and parents together make puppets and can experiment and explore with their own hand made puppets either silhouettes or hand puppets in the marionette and puppet theatre set up in the space. The Puppet facilitator workshops stories with the participants and encourages people to use their imagination to create puppet stories and perform for each other. 

We have many fantastic artists that work on The Dreaming Space Team, below is our Artist Spot Light:

Jenny Ellis our Shadow Puppet Master   Snake shadow puppet Jenny Lyrebird shadow puppet Jenny

Jenny Ellis

Jenny Ellis

Specializes in puppetry performances and workshops for children. Jenny Ellis, the Artistic Director, has been a puppet-maker for over fourteen years. She has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Puppetry from the Victorian College of the Arts, where she received the Student Union Award for Best Theatrical Design. She has also studied Puppetry for Film and Television, traditional wooden marionettes in Prague and shadow theatre in Germany. Throughout 2011, she studied with Shadow Puppet Master Richard Bradshaw as part of the national Jump Mentoring program. In 2012 she was awarded a major fellowship with the Mike Walsh Foundation to research contemporary puppetry in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany.




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