Mallakhamba: Artistry in a Pole

Mallakhamba, according to Wikipedia, is a traditional Indian sport.

Mallakhamba India

Mallakhamba India


Mallakhamba, according to Wikipedia, is a traditional Indian sport in which a gymnast performs feats and poses in concert with a vertical wooden pole or rope. The word also refers to the pole used in the sport.

Mallakhamba derives from the terms malla which denotes a wrestler and khamba which means a pole. Mallakhamba can therefore be translated to English as “pole gymnastics”.[1] On April 9, 2013, the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh declared mallakhamb as the state sport.




In Georgian Got Talent, a group named Mallakhamb India, performed the act. The group was able to impress the judges as one of the judges pushed the Golden Button which gave them the advantage of going directly to the semifinals.


Watch their performance here


With this kind of act, you will have to feel a nerve excitement performance that will surely give you a world class entertainment. This performance is not only just to act in front of an audience but also showing the sports they have in India.


This act can now be watched here in Australia by The Dreaming Space Entertainment.



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