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Our Magic Artists and Shows will not only amaze your audiences but will lead them through a journey of comedy and heart.

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Stage Magic Shows we have a fantastic team of Magicians that are skilfull in all areas of children’s entertainment adult entertainment and the in-between.

For example:

The Illusion Lounge Stage Show:

Ally and Richard own the largest Magic Theatre in Australia and perform spectacular magic entertainment every weekend called the ‘Magic Theatre’. Become mystified as they entertain your audiences with some of the most baffling large stage tricks, boxes, swords, cards, rabbits, geese in a belly splitting 45 min comedy magic show.


‘KaZaam’ the Magician Stage show:

Some of the most astounding magic tricks known to man including Hunduni escapes, rabbits, cards, ropes and more are spectacularly demonstrated in this 45 min high energy magic will truly leave your audiences breathless.



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