Indigenous Australian Culture

With a variety of Aboriginal Artists who perform traditional dreamtime storytelling performances,  welcome to country opening ceremony, hunting demonstrations, dance and cultural workshops.

Everything from individual to large group cultural shows. Please call us to create a magical event.

One of the groups we work with is Dardee Balagamdail

About :

The Dardee Balagamdail Aboriginal Dance Group is a united group of Aboriginal people who celebrate their strong cultural heritage through the expression of interactive dance. ”Dardee Balagamdail” (pronounced as ”Dar-dee Bala-gam-dail”) is from the Gunai and Yorta Yorta language groups and translates to ”Strong Courage”. The group’s vision is to connect, celebrate and promote the diversity of Australia’s first peoples.

Dardee Balagamdail have participated in many Multicultural events and are available for both community & civic events and school presentations.

About Yalka Dayan

The Yalka Dayan Cultural Educational Program is a child and family friendly interactive workshop involving Aboriginal dance, Artefacts Workshops, Traditional games, Art activities and Storytime.

”Yalka Dayan” (pronounced ”Yal-ka Day-an”) is from the Yorta Yorta language group and translates to ”Child’s Play”. The program incorporates the teachings of a Victorian Aboriginal cultural context and has been delivered to a range of Childcare centres, Preschools, Primary schools and Secondary schools.

dardee group 2 workshop

Exceptional aboriginal cultural workshops and shows from a variety of artists

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