Hen’s, Buck’s & Huck’s Nights

Hen’s, Buck’s or Huck’s Night’s. Want to celebrate that special hen or buck on their special night? Or to share […]

Hen’s, Buck’s or Huck’s Night’s.

Want to celebrate that special hen or buck on their special night? Or to share your pre-wedding celebrations with your bride or groom to be combining in a Huck’s night? Well then, brace yourself for the sizzling glamour, the sultry allure & the underground mystery…. All in true Gangster Palace style.

For an unforgettable Hen’s, Bucks or Huck’s night, draw in a bevy of mysterious Vaudevillians, seductive Burlesque Dancers & feverishly heated Performers to create that perfect shady atmosphere of the underground.

With packages to suit every Hen, Buck or Huck for a night that will go down in history, custom design that perfect party now…

Think raids, tussles, as the women dance & the men pounce, engulfing you in the world of the underground.

Create a completely themed 1920’s to 1940’s atmosphere, as we turn the space of your choice into its very own Speak Easy Gangstas Palace, underground Club.

While we roll in for a party your bride or groom to be won’t forget. Here’s a few options to warm you up

– Have your guests be greeted at the door by one of our shady Gangsters
– Really set the theme with the smooth sounds of a Jazz band playing
– Sit back & enjoy a performance from our incredibly enticing entertainers
– Learn the art of seduction & try your moves with our sizzling Burlesque, Boylesque & upbeat Charleston workshops
– Play your hand at Funny Money Gambling, Roulette, Black Jack or Two up.
– If you like Throw in a murder mystery game to really keep your friends on their toes
– Set the theme under a hired marque for your backyard or venue & really bring The Gangstas Palace to life.

Lets really heat things up?
Why not create a little mystery & let us custom make your very own top secret, underground Gansta’s Palace hunt?
Find your way by following the clues to your or our secret underground locations, as you’ll be greeted with our shady characters along the way. Choose from an array of mysterious venues sprawled over the night or just one trail leading to your underground destination….

Upon arrival, revel in the atmosphere of a true Speak Easy Gangstas Palace, underground club, as the games & entertainment, continues on feverishly into the night.


The Gangstas Palace can create in a location of your choice


Take the Gangsters Palace gang & all that they entail, to any venue of your choice or to one of our favorite Gangster hideouts here is a taste of a few inquire about the secret venues over the phone!

The Wonderland Spiegeltent , Docklands

– Spirit Station Pier, Port Melbourne


What ever your style, The Speak Easy Gangstas Palace will have something to bring to the table for that Hen’s, Buck’s or Huck’s night. With our packages to suit everyone, your party will be drenched in character, oozing with atmosphere & packed with luscious entertainment, to make that special night, unforgettable.


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