Online Live Events Via Zoom

Each week are hosting a huge range of live workshops and events via zoom which you can be part of.

Here are a few examples of our past events:

This full bubble experience showcased bubbles tricks which expanded the mind and touched the heart.

“An absolutely amazing show” (Parent)

Our artists have worked safely in a variety of different environments including corporate events, school’s, night clubs and many council festivals, along with botanic gardens as our mix is grass friendly.

Experience bubbles as large as your imagination. We can even put a kid inside a bubble. Watch the wind give them life.

Live online shows run for 30 min at a time, and can keep audiences captivated and or busy making and manipulating bubbles all day long with the free perfect mix formula so you can make your own bubbles!!!

Bubbles up close

Create the most magical atmosphere you have ever imagined by filling your event with giant bubbles.

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