Ruby Ray & The Funky Monkey Family


The Warrandyte Diary, Newspaper  

“Move over Bananas and Pyjamas – Colourful costumes, stacks of talent, The Funky Monkeys musical act and circus show made me wish my teen- age boys were small again. (Yes, they were that good.)”

Boogie brilliance at Warrandyte Festival  By CHERIE MOSELEN

They sing and dance, and rock out!! They do crazy juggling, acrobatics, mesmerising magic and make the biggest bubbles ever!


FUN is the KEY so come and get HAPPY!

Playing a mix of Funk, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Folk & Hip Hop with some of today’s hit’s, old favourites, along with original songs that will make the kids jump for joy and the whole audience be filled with wonder.

Jimmy J: Juggling, Guitarist, Balancing, Unicycling, Magic Monkey & Brussels The Pirate who challenges all to be brave.

Ruby Ray: Singing, Dancing, Juggling, Acrobat, who becomes her most mightiest self …. A Mermaid!  

Simon: Drummer extraordinaire who also breaks free from his fear and learns to surf the wave! 

George: Bravely be friends a huge Whale! who loves to play anything you can dream up on the Key board, Guitar and Vocals!

Our target demographic is children between the ages of 2 & 10. However this show in the truest sense attracts ‘children of all ages’, the broadest possible family audience.

A mother of four, alluding to the message in the show, commented “I think I got even more out of that than the kids”.

Taking you on a wild journey across the globe with children’s entertainment for the whole family!

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The Funky Monkeys Circus Band

We blend toe tapping Live Music with eye popping Magic, Circus & Cultural Storytelling.

Playing a mix of Funk, Jazz, Rap, Blues & African Traditional Music & Song on the Bellaphon.

The Funky Monkeys Circus Band’s show cleverly blends todays hits and classic tunes such as: Jackson 5-  ‘Rockin Robin’, ‘Can’t buy me love’ The Beetles with Jazzed up Nursery Rhymes and Funky Original tracks, inspiring Circus, Magic and Storytelling to entertain the whole family.

Get ready for a Wild Ride!!


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Funky Monkeys Circus Band

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The Funky Monkeys Circus Band

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Funky Monkeys Circus Band

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