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Define your Dream in 10 Days:

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While you Wait for it to arrive start by following these five important steps to get you going. Fill out each of the sheets below which will help make a list of 100 dreams!!

If you could throw caution to the wind and just do whatever y0u wanted? Start by writing a list of what that would be! Yes, this is your bucket list!! Or everything you can think of that you want to do before you die!!

Step 1: Now that you have filled page 1: Start working on page 2:


Step 2:

Now you’r ready for a 30 day challenge. Just choose one of those dreams out of all of them and do that for one hour per day for 30 days no stop, no rest, just one whole hour without interruption. That is my challenge for you if you want to achieve your dream!!

Use the chart below to help you!!


Step 3: Now work month by month to create just the next month using this sheet below.


Step 4:

Now break your dream apart into 12 stages and then answer the following questions for them:


Step 5: 

Now put your dream into a timeline to measure the completion, what is halfway there and all the little steps along the way so you can see the whole journey of it.



Step 6: 

Go deeper into clearing a path so you can forge ahead and nothing can get in your way by asking yourself, Is there anyone you can forgive?

Step 7: 

Follow this healing card to go even deeper with your dreams of good health!!



Excellent work!! Now it’s time to communicate with us; Call me and let me know if any of this material was helpful and I’ll give you the entire course for free. Contact me on 0414 306 772.  I can’t wait to hear from you and help you achieve your dream!!


Define your Dream in 10 Days: Get your 10 day course now: Or if you wanted all the courses you […]

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