Cultural Games

Choose from a variety of cultural games below to fill your event. We are happy to provide them individually or as a a group package to make a whole Cultural Games space where thousands of people can be entertained for hours on end.

Some of the games we choose from are:

* Sjoel- the Dutch Shuffleboard from Holland

* Giant Chess- From India

* Chinese Checkers-Germany

* Hop Scotch- Ancient Rome,

* DaCau- Vietnamese Bean Bag Toss

* Jamanga Tower- Sweden

* Croquet- Made Popular in England

* Pick up Sticks- From Ancient European Cave Men days.

* Bocce- From Italy

* Quoits- Originating from Ancient Greece

* Bamboo Jacks- From Vietnam

* Fukuwarai- From Japan

* Draughts-From Ancient Egypt

* Jau De France- Originating from France



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