30 day Magic Challenge with Jimmy J

Welcome to the Magic Academy of Extraordinary Experiences!!!

Wonder- Curiosity and Joy is just the beginning!!!

We foster SELF DIRECTED tricks!

Where children can learn to become INDEPENDENT and advance on their own while you go and work on keeping the household afloat!!

It’s time to learn to lead using 30 new Magic tricks-

The Dreaming Space

Kids show your friends and family how clever you can be with this fully guided 30 day course to become a family, party, stage and trick magician.

Not only will you learn to create magic, you will learn how to use magic to lead your friends, family and the world around you to be inspired with wonder, curiosity and joy.

This skill of inspiration and leadership can be used in every aspect of life!!

This course will begin the day after you click the payment button below. We will send you a new private video before 8am each day in your email to view and follow along with for 30 days.

Usually a course with so many new magic tricks and leadership training with option for live zoom training with Jimmy J himself would usually cost around $80-$120.

However, during this time we know that you need your children to be self directed and advance in skills on their own with the guidance of Jimmy J online.

Give your children special leadership and magic skills now with a once off payment of $57.00 for all 30 of the magic training videos to become a magician today!!!

Oh, I almost forgot that I only have 50 magic packs left to gift to the first 50 people who start this course filled with the following to get your magic happening really quickly!!! I just gave another two away today so that’s only 48 now.

So start your 30 day Magic Challenge today for some serious fun and incredible illusion!!

I am so excited to journey with you and take your magic skills to the next level!!!

The Dreaming Space

Once you book for this course watch this!!





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